In Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM), you can use .NET Framework remoting to execute certain FIM CM Provision API methods on a remote system. You can execute all methods for the following classes:

The topics in this section discuss the FIM CM server and FIM CM client configurations that you must have to use .NET Framework remoting.

Server Configuration

To enable access to the FIM CM Provision API through .NET Framework remoting, follow these steps to configure a FIM CM server:

  1. Open the Web.config file that is associated with the FIM CM virtual Web folder.

    The default location of this file is %Programfiles%\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Certificate Management\Web\Web.config.

  2. In the Web.config file, locate the configuration section for the remoting configuration, which is named system.runtime.remoting.

  3. Add the following entries to the service element of the system.runtime.remoting section:

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    <wellknown mode="SingleCall" type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.RequestOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" objectUri="remoterequests2.rem" />
    <wellknown mode="SingleCall" type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.FindOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" objectUri="remoterequests3.rem" />
    <wellknown mode="SingleCall" type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.PermissionOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" objectUri="remoterequests4.rem" />
    <wellknown mode="SingleCall" type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.ExecuteOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" objectUri="remoterequests5.rem" />
  4. Save the Web.config file.

Client Configuration

You must also configure a remoting client application to locate the FIM CM Provision API services. The .NET Framework Developer's Guide provides information about how to configure a remoting client application. For example, if you use the application.exe.config method for configuring the remoting client, the client application options resemble the following:

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<wellknown type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.FindOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" url="http://clm-server-name/clm/remoterequests3.rem" />
<wellknown type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.RequestOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" url="http://clm-server-name/clm/remoterequests2.rem" />
<wellknown type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.PermissionOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" url="http://clm-server-name/clm/remoterequests4.rem" />
<wellknown type="Microsoft.Clm.Provision.ExecuteOperationsByCulture, Microsoft.Clm.Provision" url="http://clm-server-name/clm/remoterequests5.rem" />

You must include an entry for each remoting interface that you want to use.

Be sure to specify the correct URL for your FIM CM server.

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