The following code example shows registration data such as you might submit with a request to enroll a new smart card in Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM) using the externalSubmitEnrollRequest procedure. Registration data is configured in your policy as part of the Data Collection policy configuration. Your policy configuration determines which data collection items are mandatory for the processing of the policy and which items are optional. Certificate manager mandatory items must be provided as part of the request submission process to successfully initiate the request through the SQL API.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<RegistrationData xmlns:xsi=
		<DataItem StorageFlag="None">
			<field>Manager Information</field>
			<value>BVT Test Run</value>

The <items> element contains one or more <DataItem> elements. The StorageFlag attribute of the <DataItem> element can be set to "None" or "Encrypted". The encryption algorithm used is either DES (Data Encryption Standard) or 3DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard), as specified by the "EncryptionAlgorithm" setting of the web.config file.

Each <DataItem> element contains a <field> element and a <value> element. The <field> element specifies a data item name that is defined in your management policy. The <value> element specifies the data for that data item.