Defines specific types of smart card exceptions.
Namespace: Microsoft.Clm.Shared
Assembly: Microsoft.Clm.Shared (in microsoft.clm.shared.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As ExceptionSubType


Visual Basic
Public Enumeration ExceptionSubType
public enum ExceptionSubType
public enum class ExceptionSubType
public enum ExceptionSubType
public enum ExceptionSubType


Member name Description
ClientError A smart card client error has occurred.
ConfigurationError A smart card configuration error has occurred.
DecodingError A smart card decoding error has occurred.
DecryptionError A smart card decryption error has occurred.
EncodingError A smart card encoding error has occurred.
EncryptionError A smart card encryption error has occurred.
GenericError A generic smart card error has occurred.
NoError No error has occurred.
ProcessingError A smart card processing error has occurred.
TokenCreationError An error occurred while attempting to create a smart card token.
ValidationError A smart card validation error has occurred.


Development Platforms

Windows 2008 x64 Edition

Target Platforms

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1+, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

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