The following naming conventions were used in naming default schema objects. It is recommended that custom schema objects and attributes use these conventions for consistency:

  • Objects and attributes start with capitalized letters. For example, “Name”.

  • If there are multiple words in one name, the first letter of consecutive words are capitalized. For example, “DomainName” and “TargetRightSet”.

  • Abbreviations should be avoided. However, some abbreviations are used in the default schema, including “ID” (“identity”).

  • Metaverse data linked to FIM might follow its own naming conventions, but additional objects and attributes should follow FIM naming conventions when possible. For example, “Person” is mapped to “managed:person”.

  • Use the singular form of a name to all newly created or edited multi-valued attributes except when Active Directory Domain Services uses a different naming convention.

  • Add a prefix to your custom schema element to avoid conflict with future FIM schema extensions.

  • In this release, do not use a colon (:) or parentheses [()] in the system name of a custom resource. Creation of custom resources with these characters in the Name property (see ObjectTypeDescription, AttributeTypeDescription, and BindingDescription) will cause the FIM Portal to become inoperable, and a reinstallation of the FIM Portal will be necessary.