The WS-MetadataExchange endpoint provides a Get operation that allows users to retrieve the schemas for FIM resource types, as well as schema metadata, from the FIM Service database. See How to: Retrieve the FIM Service Schema Using WS-MetadataExchange.

Endpoint Address

The schema is retrieved by a call to an endpoint with the address http://localhost:5725/ResourceManagementService/MEX.


There are no faults specific to retrieving schema via Metadata Exchange endpoint.

Message Fault

An endpoint may respond with a fault message using the standard fault codes defined in the WS-Addressing 2004 specification, Section 4.


When retrieving schema through the MetadataExchange endpoint, the web service will return the schema ignoring any management policy rules governing ObjectTypeDescription, AttributeTypeDescription, or BindingDescription objects. It is always possible to retrieve the full schema from the MetadataExchange endpoint for anonymous and authenticated users.

The FIM web service only accepts UTF-8 encoding of strings and SOAP messages. Other encodings will be converted to UTF-8 if possible. If an encoding cannot be converted to UTF-8 then the web service will return wxf:InvalidRepresentationFault (see Web Services Metadata Exchange (WS-MetadataExchange)).

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