An activity that queries for resources in the FIM Service database and provides the resulting set to child activities.

The following tables list the members exposed by the EnumerateResourcesActivity type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
EnumerateResourcesActivity Initializes a new instance of the EnumerateResourcesActivity class with default values.

Public Fields

  Name Description
public fieldstatic ActivityContextGuidProperty  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic ActorIdProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the ActorId property.
public fieldstatic CancelingEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic ClosedEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic CompensatingEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic CurrentIterationItemProperty This API supports the FIM 2010 infrastructure. Using this API directly from your code is not supported.
public fieldstatic ExecutingEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic FaultingEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic PageSizeProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the PageSize property.
public fieldstatic SelectionProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the Selection property.
public fieldstatic SortingAttributesProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the SortingAttributes property.
public fieldstatic StatusChangedEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
public fieldstatic TotalResultsCountProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the TotalResultsCount property.
public fieldstatic XPathFilterProperty The DependencyProperty object that promotes the XPathFilter property.

Public Properties (see also Protected Properties)

  Name Description
public property Activities  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
public property ActorId ActorId is a Guid value that represents the ObjectID property of the resource that is used to calculate management policy rules that affect a request that is created by the activity. Activities can perform only the operations for which their ActorID property has been granted rights.
public property Description  (Inherited from Activity)
public property Enabled  (Inherited from Activity)
public property EnabledActivities  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
public property ExecutionResult  (Inherited from Activity)
public property ExecutionStatus  (Inherited from Activity)
public property IsDynamicActivity  (Inherited from Activity)
public property Name  (Inherited from Activity)
public property PageSize Indicates the page size.
public property Parent  (Inherited from Activity)
public property QualifiedName  (Inherited from Activity)
public property Selection An array of String objects that represent a list of attributes to be returned by the activity for each item in the query result.
public property Site  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public property SortingAttributes An array of the SortingAttribute class that represents the names of attributes to sort the enumeration results by.
public property TotalResultsCount Indicates the total number of results.
public property UserData  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public property XPathFilter Stores the FIM XPath filter that is used to identify the resources that are included in the enumeration.

Protected Properties

  Name Description
protected property CanModifyActivities  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected property DesignMode  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected property ParentDependencyObject  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected property WorkflowInstanceId  (Inherited from Activity)

Public Methods (see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method AddHandler  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method Clone  (Inherited from Activity)
public method Dispose  Overloaded. (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
public method Equals  Overloaded. (Inherited from Object)
public method GetActivityByName  Overloaded. (Inherited from Activity)
public method GetBinding  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic GetCurrentIterationItem Returns a copy of the current item.
public method GetHashCode  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetType  (Inherited from Object)
public method GetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method GetValueBase  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method IsBindingSet  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic Load  Overloaded. (Inherited from Activity)
public method MetaEquals  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic ReferenceEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public method RegisterForStatusChange  (Inherited from Activity)
public method RemoveHandler  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method RemoveProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method Save  Overloaded. (Inherited from Activity)
public method SetBinding  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstatic SetCurrentIterationItem This API supports the FIM 2010 infrastructure. Using this API directly from your code is not supported.
public method SetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method SetValueBase  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public method ToString  (Inherited from Activity)
public method UnregisterForStatusChange  (Inherited from Activity)

Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method ApplyWorkflowChanges  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method Cancel  (Inherited from Activity)
protected method Dispose  Overloaded. (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method Execute  (Inherited from Activity)
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method GetBoundValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method GetDynamicActivities  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method GetInvocationList  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method HandleFault  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method Initialize  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method InitializeProperties  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method Invoke  Overloaded. (Inherited from Activity)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method OnActivityChangeAdd  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnActivityChangeRemove  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnActivityExecutionContextLoad  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnActivityExecutionContextUnload  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnClosed  (Inherited from Activity)
protected method OnListChanged  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnListChanging  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method OnWorkflowChangesCompleted  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)
protected method RaiseEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
protected method RaiseGenericEvent  (Inherited from Activity)
protected method SetBoundValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method SetReadOnlyPropertyValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method TrackData  Overloaded. (Inherited from Activity)
protected method Uninitialize  (Inherited from CompositeActivity)

Public Events

  Name Description
public event Canceling  (Inherited from Activity)
public event Closed  (Inherited from Activity)
public event Compensating  (Inherited from Activity)
public event Executing  (Inherited from Activity)
public event Faulting  (Inherited from Activity)
public event StatusChanged  (Inherited from Activity)

Explicit Interface Implementations

  Name Description
System.ComponentModel.IComponent.Disposed  (Inherited from DependencyObject)

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