The Resource Endpoint of FIM implements the WS-Transfer Delete operation for deleting an object. The default endpoint address for Delete is http://localhost:5725/ResourceManagementService/Resource.


Action Header

Reference Property Header

Refer to the description of the Reference Property header as a parameter for the Get operation. See Resource Factory Endpoint. The same device is used as input to the Delete operation to identify the object to which the Delete operation is to be applied. The Time and Locale properties are not allowed for Delete operations.

Return Values


Sample invocation of the Delete operation to remove a Group

A sample invocation of the Delete operation of the FIM Service Resource endpoint is shown here.

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	<rm:ResourceManagement s:mustUnderstand=“true"/>


The FIM Service's endpoints respond to exceptions by returning SOAP faults to their clients. The WS-Transfer specification and the WS-Transfer: Identity Management Operations for Directory Access Extensions specification define several such faults that the Resource endpoint may return. There are additional SOAP faults, specific to the FIM Service, that may also be returned.

Supplying a Locale property will result in an Endpoint Not Available exception.

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