Provides additional classes and interfaces for FIM CM.


Class Description
SymmetricKey Describes the abstract base class from which all implementations of symmetric key algorithms that are used for smart card Base CSP must be derived.


Interface Description
ICardContext A read-only object that is passed to some of the ICardInitialization interface methods to give context to the operation that is being performed.
ICardInitialization The FIM CM interface for custom initialization of smart cards.
ICustomItemValidator2 The FIM CM interface for performing custom validation of data items.
ICustomUserPinGenerator The FIM CM interface for generating custom user PINs for smart cards.
IRequestSecurity The FIM CM interface for building a security descriptor for a FIM CM request.
ISecretProvider The FIM CM interface for one-time password providers.
IServerKeyGenerator The FIM CM interface for the server key generator.