Provides classes that implement an extensibility mechanism for FIM CM that developers can use to modify, extend, and customize FIM CM’s request processing functionality.

These classes take advantage of .NET Framework remoting features and can be configured for remote execution. See the UseRemoting property of the classes (for example, ExecuteOperations.UseRemoting).

These classes do not allow for object instantiation. Instead they expose their functionality through static methods.


Class Description
CertificateServerOperations Provides operations to perform against the certificate server.
CertificateServerOperationsByCulture Provides operations for interacting with a certificate server.
CertificatesFilter Filters a collection of certificates based on supplied criteria.
ExecuteOperations Provides methods that are used while FIM CM requests are running and finishing.
FindOperations Provides search functionality for profile templates, profiles, smart cards, certificates and FIM CM requests.
PermissionOperations Provides methods for validating a user's permissions on other users and FIM CM requests.
RequestOperations Provides methods for performing operations on FIM CM requests.


Enumeration Description
CertificatesFilterFlags Defines certificate filter flags that can be used with the FindAll method to filter a collection of certificates.