Provides general helper classes and definitions for FIM CM.


Class Description
CertificateRequestException Describes a certificate request exception.
ClmInvalidDataException Describes an invalid data exception.
ClmInvalidProfileTemplateDataException Describes an invalid data exception for data related to a profile template.
ClmSmartcardDecodingClientTokenException Describes a smart card exception that occurred when decoding a client token.
ClmSmartcardException Describes a smart card exception.
ClmSmartcardProcessingClientTokenException Describes a smart card exception that occurred when processing a client token.
ClmValidationCustomClassException Describes a custom class data validation exception.
ClmValidationDataRequiredException Describes a data required data validation exception.
ClmValidationDataTypeException Describes an invalid data type data validation exception.
ClmValidationException Describes a validation exception.
ClmValidationRegularExpressionException Describes a regular expression data validation exception.
ClmWorkflowException Describes a workflow exception.
Document Describes a client document or server document that is associated with a FIM CM request.


Interface Description
INotificationSink Provides an interface for a notification handler.


Enumeration Description
ClmSmartcardException.ErrorId Defines identifiers for the types of errors that are associated with smart card exceptions.
ClmSmartcardException.ExceptionSubType Defines specific types of smart card exceptions.
RequestPermission Defines permissions that apply to FIM CM requests.
UserPermission Defines permissions that can be performed for other users.