Class Description
CertificateOperationException Represents an error that occurs during certificate operation (such as during a revoke or recover operation).
CertificateResponse Represents a response from the certificate server.
DataItemStorage Represents a storage location where authentication data associated with a request is stored.
EnrollmentAttributes Encapsulates attributes that are sent to the certificate authority (CA) as part of a certificate enrollment request.
EnrollmentDataCollection Collection that contains EnrollmentDataItem objects.
EnrollmentDataItem Represents an enrollment data item.


Interface Description
ICertificateServer Third party Certificate Authority (CA) connector interface.


Enumeration Description
Capability Contains Boolean methods that indicate whether or not the certificate server implements particular functions.
CAType Inidcates the type of certificate authority (CA).
DataItemStorageOptions Provides options for data item storage.
DataItemStorageType Indicates where data items used to authenticate a user are stored.
DataItemType Represents the data type of an item.
PublishCrlOptions Enumeration that specifies options for publishing a Certificate Revocation List (CRL).