Objects that are being exported from Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service (FIM Synchronization Service) to Lotus Notes connected data sources require that you set properties that are specific to management agents for Lotus Notes Release 4.6 and 5.0. The required properties and values are documented in Lotus Notes Properties. To improve the performance of provisioning Lotus Notes connected data sources, you should create the distinguished name in a specific format. For information about the recommended format, see How to: Create Distinguished Names for Lotus Notes Connected Data Sources.

In Lotus Notes, you can provision contacts for the primary or secondary address book. Contacts are created with the Lotus Notes _MMS_IDRegType property set to 0. You cannot provision Users, created with the _MMS_IDRegType property set to 1 or 2, for the secondary address book. Because Groups are not created as objects, you can provision them to the primary or secondary address book.

The following topics show how to provision objects to be exported to a Lotus Notes connected data source:

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