The following topics contain example scripts in Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) that use the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Provider to perform common tasks.

Topic Description

How to: Run a Management Agent with a Specified Run Profile

Contains a script that runs a management agent with a specified run profile.

How to: Specify Management Agents from a Command Line

Contains a script that can parse named arguments from a command line.

How to: Run Several Management Agents from a Command File

Describes a command file that sequentially runs two management agents.

How to: Display the Results of a Management Agent Profile Run

Contains an example that shows how to display the results of management agent run.

How to: Retry a Management Agent Run When a Network Connection Drops

Contains a script that retries a management agent run if the network goes down.

How to: Get the Properties of All Management Agents

Contains a script that displays the properties of all management agents.

How to: Find Specified Connector Space Objects

Contains examples that search the connector space for a specified connector space object.

Preventing Damage to the Metaverse and Connected Data Source

Describes how to use several methods to check the result of an action before you apply the action.

How to: Get the Number of Metaverse Objects in the Server

Describes a script that you can use to get the number of objects in the FIM Synchronization Service database (metaverse).

How to: Automatically Clear the Operations Log

Contains a script that deletes information from the operation log up to the specified DeleteDate.

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