GateWall Antispam Quick Setup

All GateWall Antispam modules will run automatically upon installation. To quickly configure the server, complete the following minimum setup:

Note! The default assumption is that your corporate LAN already has a configured mail server, and your DNS server has the corresponding MX record. The MX record should be linked to the external IP address of the computer where your GateWall Antispam server is installed.

To enable the spam filtering modules to perform properly, the network settings of the computer on which your GateWall Antispam is installed must specify the address of the DNS server configured for domain resolution. By default, GateWall Antispam will use the DNS server specified in the computer's network settings. However, you can list one or more additional DNS server addresses on the "GateWall Antispam - Key Settings" page of the administrator console.

To create a route, open the "Virtual SMTP Server - Routes" page and add one or more domains to be processed. Route parameters should specify the domain name and IP address and port (e.g. of the mail server that processes messages from a given domain.