GateWall Antispam Server Structure

GateWall Antispam server is a modular server. Each module is designed for a specific task. The modules interface via a special coordination module (CSERouter) over an RPC protocol. A web server module with XML-RPC support is used for administrator interface. The modules and their functions are outlined below.

Monitoring Agent (CSETray)

Monitoring Agent allows you to manage (enable, disable and restart) all GateWall Antispam modules. You can use shortcut menu to control the agent. GateWall Antispam server can be controlled remotely. To enable remote control, enter the IP address of the server where CSERouter process is running in the command prompt when launching CSETray. Because CSERouter is the main module of GateWall Antispam, you will not be able to control the process from CSETray.

Coordinator (CSERouter)

Coordinator is the main module of your GateWall Antispam server. CSEProcessor enables and disables other server modules, registers the modules and coordinates message exchange. Modules exchange messages over the RPC protocol.

SMTP Client (CSESmtp)

This module implements SMTP protocol and is used to process incoming mail. SMTP Client receives incoming messages, applies certain spam filtering methods (DNSBL, RHSBL, SPF, RFC restrictions, Greylisting, Tarpiting, white/black lists) and backs up the incoming messages as *.qeml files to the incoming queue folder "%GWA %\mail\queue\inc" for further processing. A temporary message copy is saved as "%GWA%\mail\archive\inc\*.qeml.tmp" during backup.

Message Processing Coordinator (CSETosser)

This module coordinates message processing. CSETosser scans the outgoing message queue "%GWA%\mail\queue\out" and generates tasks for CSEProcessor module.

Message Processor (CSEProcessor)

Features of this module include spam filtering (SURBL, Cloud Antispam), virus scanning (Cloud Antispam, Kaspersky, Panda) and message processing with rules created by GateWall Antispam administrator. When processed, a message (*.xeml file) is placed into the outgoing queue "%GWA%\mail\queue\out" or quarantine folder "%GWA%\mail\quarantine" depending on the processing result. A file with delivery status information (*.dlvr) is additionally generated for messages placed into the outgoing queue.

In addition, CSEProcessor gnerates statistics reports on spam messages for each processed address. Information on spam messages (date, time, sender address and subject) is recorded in statistics files "%GWA%\mail\statistics\users\*.stat."

Message Delivery Manager (CSEDM)

Delivery Manager module (CSEDM) monitors the outgoing queue "%GWA%\mail\queue\out" and delivers messages across the specified routes. Besides, CSEDM monitors folder "%GWA%\mail\queue\import" containing messages incorrectly identified as spam. Messages that cannot be immediately delivered to the addressee are placed in folder "%GWA%\mail\queue\out\try" for delivery retry. You can set the number of delivery retries and intervals between such retries in Delivery Settings section of "Virtual SMTP Server - Settings" page.

Statistics Module (CSEStat)

This module records mail processing statistics. All statistical information (date, time, source and destination addresses, GateWall Antispam server modules used for processing and the processing result) is recorded in the built-in SQLite3 database. Database file is located in %GWA%\mail\statistics\stat.csdb folder.

IMAP Client (CSEImapC)

IMAP client manages IMAP folders located on a remote mail server. CSEImapC supports MS Exchange 2003 and Lotus Domino R7 and is used to create a special IMAP folder structure on a remote mail server and process messages in such folders.

Scheduler (CSECron)

The Scheduler module is used to update virus definitions of the antivirus modules and distribute GateWall Antispam server statistics. Scheduler supports daily, weekly, monthly and custom schedules. CRONTAB line is used to create a custom schedule. The line includes six segments divided by spaces (or tabs). Each segment sets time as follows:

(minute:0-59) (hour:0-23) (day:0-31) (month:0-12) (week day:0-6, 0-Sunday)

Each of the first five segments may have the following settings:

Web Server (CSEHTTP)

The web server is used to administer GateWall Antispam.

Web Server API (CSESrvCtrl)

This module implements API for the XML-RPC interface of the web server (CSEHTTP).