IMAP Synchronization in MS Exchange

Complete the following actions to configure IMAP integration for MS Exchange 2003:

  1. Go to "GateWall Antispam - Key Settings - IMAP Server Integration". Specify MS Exchange server's IP address, Public Folders prefix and the log-in and password of the user authorized to create and delete folders in Exchange Public Folders. The user must be authorized to work over IMAP protocol.
  2. Click the "Check settings" button. GateWall Antispam will authorize with MS Exchange server using the specified user account information and create subfolders as shown in the picture below.

Enable the "Use integration with IMAP server" option and save changes.

When the option is enabled, GateWall Antispam will connect to the MS Exchange server every 2 seconds and scan folders "GWA/Mark as Spam" and "GWA/Mark as not Spam" for messages. Messages identified as spam will be automatically moved to "GWA/Quarantine" folder.

A mail client synchronized with an IMAP server may subscribe to GateWall Antispam folders. Users may move messages to "Public Folders\GWA\Mark as Spam", which will facilitate automatic learning of Cloud Antispam. There is a slight lag in the learning process because Cloud Antispam is an online service. GateWall Antispam IMAP client places all the processed messages into the "Public Folders\GWA\Mark as Spam\Processed" folder.

Configuring IMAP folder access permissions

By default, all MS Exchange users authorized to work over IMAP can view messages from other users in "Public Folders\GWA" folders. However, you can configure folder access permissions to hide messages posted by other users. Complete the following steps:

  1. Open Exchange System Manager console.
  2. Select "Properties" in "Public Folders\GWA" shortcut menu.
  3. Open "Permissions" tab and press "Client permissions."
  4. Press "Add" and add one or more users who will not be authorized to view messages from other users. Select "Contributor" as user role.
  5. Close the properties window, select "Public Folders\GWA" and click on "All tasks - Propagate settings" in the shortcut menu.

Note! Users marked as Contributor will only be allowed to view their own messages in "Public Folders\GWA" folders.