Displaying Additional Debug Information

An administrator may create special *.sem files in DNS Filters root folder to collect additional information about GateWall DNS Filters operation. A SEM file is an empty file with a definite name and *.sem extension. The following names are used for certain functions:

DNS Filter server must be restarted after any of these SEM files has been created. All debug information will be registered in %DNSFilter%\Logging\dnsfilter.log.

Applications logging parameters can be set in the section of the server settings file. The maximum log size is set in max_size parameter; the default maximum size is 20 Kb. If the log file size exceeds the maximum setting, DNS Filter server will create a new dnsfilter.log log file and add a date to the name of the old file. There are no limitations to the number of log files that can be created.

Important! Using SEM files in high-load systems will cause a quick propagation of log files and result in higher CPU loads.