Connection Setup

When you launch the administration console for the first time, it will open on the Connections page. The only connection displayed on this page is the connection with localhost server for the Administrator. By default, no password is assigned to connect to DNS Filter Service. To connect the administration console to the server, double-click on localhost Administrator line or click Connect on the control panel. You may create several connections in the administration console. Connection settings include:

Select Request password to establish connection if you want the system to display a password dialog box when you are connecting to a server. Select Connect automatically if you want to connect to a given server automatically when you start the administration console.

Administration console settings are stored in file console.xml, which is located in folder %DNSFilter%\Administrator. On the server side, the username and password (hashed) are stored in file %DNSFilter%\dnsfilter.xml.

Figure 1 Connection Setup