Managing GateWall Statistics Database

DNS Filter records the statistics of DNS requests, including the requested host and request time and result (allowed or blocked), in a special database. You can access the database via an API interface if you are using an integrated DB or with an ODBC driver if you are using a third-party DB. An integrated FireBird database is used by default (file %DNSFilter%\dnsfilter.fdb). To access FireBird database, enter SYSDBA for login and masterkey for the password.

Using Third-Party Databases

Due to ODBC support, you can use almost any type of database (MS Access, MS SQL or MySQL). For MS SQL and MySQL format, GateWall DNS Filters installation package contains dumps of databases with the appropriate structures. These dumps are placed in folder %DNSFilter%\db_dumps. If you need to setup your GateWall DNS Filter to work with a third-party database, follow the steps below:

Note: DNSFilter is the default name for DSN. You may change this name by changing the value of dsn parameter in section of the server settings file.

Important: MySQL Connector 3.5 is required for a MySQL database.

Database Recovery

If you are using the integrated database (FireBird), GateWall DNS Filter can automatically create a new empty statistics database. To do this, stop DNS Filter server and remove the statistics database file %DNSFilter%\dnsfilter.fdb.

If you are using a third-party database (firebird=0), and GateWall DNS Filter fails to detect the appropriate system DSN on start, DNS Filter will automatically create an MS Access database and a corresponding DSN.