Declining Domain Name Resolution Requests

A domain name resolution request may be declined. A user will then be routed to a special address or GateWall DNS Filters own address. A request may be declined if one of the following occurs:

Note: In case of a insufficient number of sockets, all declined DNS requests will be placed in a separate queue. Requests from this queue may be processed with delay.

You can allow DNS name resolution when BrightCloud service is unavailable. This feature is enabled in the parameter Allow DNS names if BrightCloud service is unavailable of the general settings.

Forwarding Forbidden Requests

If host access is denied, the user will be routed to address or GateWall DNS Filters own address. Routing to GateWall DNS Filter own IP address will occur when the option Forward requests to internal Web server is enabled. If so, any user requesting a forbidden resource through a browser will be forwarded to a special reference page containing a notice of denied access.

Figure 1 Forbidden Requests