Requesting URL Categories from BrightCloud

BrightCloud URL categories are requested from BrightCloud Master Database service. DNS Filter sends a request to the service, and the service�s address is specified in server_name parameter in the section of the settings file.

Category resolution request is run asynchronously via the socket pool. The minimum and maximum numbers of sockets used for connection to BrightCloud service are set in min_socket_number and max_socket_number parameters in the section of the settings file. The number of sockets may increase automatically along with the increase of load.

Important! We recommend setting higher values for min_socket_number and max_socket_number parameters for large networks in accordance with the server load.

GateWall DNS Filter Operation

In general, GateWall DNS Filter functions as described below:

Note: Transactions are used for database entries (transactions="1"). The number of SQL INSERT operations in a transaction is set in the parameter max_transactions="50" of the server settings. You may find both these parameters in the server settings file.

The response received by the user depends on whether the user is authorized by GateWall DNS Filter. If the user is authorized, it also depends on the access rights applied to this user and the exception list parameters. Requests sent by unauthorized users are registered in the database as unknown requests.