Launch the setup file to install GateWall DNS Filter. When installing GateWall DNS Filter for the first time, leave all default Setup Wizard settings. By default, GateWall DNS Filter will be installed to folder %Program Files%\Entensys\GateWall DNS Filter (further used as %DNSFilter%). No system restart will be required after installation.

Two additional services will appear on the system services list: GateWall DNS Filter and GateWall DNS Filter DB Service. The first service is the DNS Filter itself (DNSFilter.exe process), and the other one is used to administer the integrated database (DB). The program uses FireBird as the integrated DB. Both services will start automatically after installation. The agent icon will appear in the system tray for convenience. You may use the agents context menu to start the administration console, stop or restart DNS Filter server or access the log file.

Update and Uninstall DNS Filter

We recommend you uninstall any previous version of DNS Filter before you install the new version. If necessary, you can save the server settings file (dnsfilter.xml from the DNS Filter folder) and statistics database dump. To uninstall DNS Filter, go to Start - Programs, find the application and select Uninstall or use the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. A server settings file will not be deleted from %DNSFilter% folder during the uninstall process. If a third party statistics database was used, then it will not be deleted.

Program Update

To check for updates, open the administration console and go to the Help menu. Then click on Check for updates. DNS Filter will submit a request for the number of the latest software version to the vendors website. If the current installed version is older than the version available on the website, a notification will appear in the administration console window. The administrator can download and install the latest version from the website. An update check will not cause an automatic reinstallation of GateWall DNS Filter.