GateWall DNS Filter is a DNS forwarder application with enhanced functionality. Its additional features include defining the requested host category, tracking and recording processed requests and managing traffic rules. An integrated system of rules allows Internet access management based on the lists of authorized/unauthorized hosts, time and URL categories. GateWall DNS Filter is not a gate solution, which makes it a good choice for large networks with thousands of users.

GateWall DNS Filter contains the following modules:

DNS Filter server (DNSFilter.exe process) is a Windows system service. The server allows users requests DNS resolution, filtering, and records requests statistics.

DNS Filter administration console is used to control GateWall DNS Filter server. The console communicates with the server via a special protocol over TCP/IP, which allows administration of the server remotely. Brief statistics of DNS requests can be viewed from the administration console. More detailed statistics are available in the Web-statistics module.

An integrated Web-server is used to access the Web-statistics and can serve as a forwarder for users HTTP requests. For example, when a user is trying to access a prohibited web site, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen.