To configure a location from which to download cache content

  1. In the console tree of ISA Server Management, click Cache.
  2. In the details pane, click the Content Download Jobs tab, and then select a content download job.
  3. On the Tasks tab, click Edit the Selected Job.
  4. On the Content tab, in Download content from this URL, type the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) from which to download the content.
  5. To download only content from the domain specified in Begin downloading from URL, select the Do not follow link outside the specified URL domain name check box.
  6. To limit the number of links to follow from a single page when downloading content, select the Maximum depth of links per page check box and type the number of links.
  7. To limit the total number of objects to cache, in Maximum number of concurrent TCP connections to create for this job, type the number of connections.



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