To set up SQL Server for ISA Server logging

  1. Set up SQL Server with a database file:
    1. On the computer running SQL Server, start Enterprise Manager.
    2. Connect to the computer running SQL Server that you want to host the database files.
    3. On the Tools menu, click SQL Query Analyzer.
    4. On the File menu, click Open and open "ISA CD":\FPC\Program Files\Microsoft ISA Server.
    5. Open one of the following .sql files, based on how you want to log to an SQL database:
      • For the Microsoft Firewall service, open the Fwsrv.sql file.
      • For Web Proxy, open the W3proxy.sql file.
    6. Create a database.
    7. Add the following lines to the top of each script:
      Use <database name>
    8. On the Query menu, click Execute.
  2. Set up SQL Server to accept the data connection from the ISA Server computer. If ISA Server is not located in the same Windows Server 2003 domain or Windows 2000 domain, you must set up a SQL Server account:
    1. Start the SQL Enterprise Manager and connect to the computer running SQL Server that you set up to host your databases.
    2. Click Microsoft SQL Servers, click SQL Server Group, click server_name, click Security, and then right-click Logins.
    3. Click New Login.
    4. If you are located in the same domain as ISA Server, you can click Windows Authentication.
      1. In Name, type: domainname\isaservername$
      2. On the Database Access tab, click the databases that this logon method can access (the databases that you created earlier).
      For ISA Server 2006 Enterprise Edition, in an array configuration, a separate logon should be created for each array member.
    5. If you are located on a different domain than ISA Server, you must use SQL Server authentication:
      1. In Name, type a specific name.
      2. Use a name to describe the logon method.
      3. Enter a password for this logon method.
      4. On the Database Access tab, select the databases that this logon method can access (the databases that you created earlier).
    6. Select Change the default database, and then select the database to which ISA Server will log data.
    7. Configure SELECT and INSERT permissions for the table. Configure EXECUTE permissions for the sp_batch_insert procedure for ISA Server services for logging to this database.


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