To configure RADIUS servers

  1. In the console tree of ISA Server Management, click General.
  2. In the details pane, click Define LDAP and RADIUS Servers.
  3. On the RADIUS Servers tab, click Add.
  4. In Server name, type the name of the RADIUS server to use for authentication.
  5. Click Change and in New secret, type the shared secret that is used for secure communications between ISA Server and the RADIUS server. You must configure the same shared secret on both ISA Server and the RADIUS server for successful RADIUS communications to occur.
  6. In Port, type the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port that is used by the RADIUS server for incoming RADIUS authentication requests. The default value of 1812 is based on RFC 2138. For older RADIUS servers, set the port value to 1645.
  7. In Time-out (seconds), type the amount of time (in seconds) that ISA Server will try to obtain responses from the RADIUS server before trying the next RADIUS server on the ordered list. Note that you can change the order in which the servers are accessed.
  8. Select Always use message authenticator if a message authenticator based on the shared secret is sent with each RADIUS message.



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