Troubleshooting Firewall Client

What problem are you having?

Firewall Client software is not properly installed.

Cause:  There can be many reasons why Firewall Client is not properly installed. The setup program in the Firewall Client software creates a log file on the client computer each time client software is installed. The log file contains information about the setup, including information about which client applications were installed and which services were started.

Solution:  You can use the log file to troubleshoot problems with setup. The log file name is Firewallc.log, and it is located in the Firewall Client software installation directory. ISA Server overwrites this log file each time you install the Firewall Client software.

Firewall clients cannot access the External network.

Cause:  If Internet Protocol security (IPsec) transport mode is enabled for a network, functionality for Firewall clients in that network may be impaired.

Solution:  Disable IP routing. For instructions, see Enable IP routing.

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