Flood mitigation

Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 can help you mitigate the virus outbreaks and subsequent flooding of connections that are a prevalent corporate reality. The ISA Server flood mitigation features include various functions, which you can configure and monitor to help ensure that your network stays protected from malicious attacks. New features include:

The default configuration settings of flood mitigation help ensure that ISA Server can continue to function, even when under flood attack. This is accomplished when ISA Server classifies the traffic, and provides different levels of service to different types of traffic. Traffic that is considered malicious (with an intent to cause a flood attack) can be denied, while ISA Server continues to serve all other traffic.

ISA Server has the ability to identify and block clients that generate excessive traffic, protecting ISA Server from possible performance effects caused by the continual denial of connection requests that can be caused by flooding.

ISA Server flood mitigation helps you identify and handle flood scenarios. In particular, ISA Server helps identify clients that generate excessive traffic and that are likely infected with a worm, a virus, or spyware.

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