Intra-array address

One or more Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 computers can be grouped into an array of servers. When an array includes multiple servers, the member servers communicate with each other in one or more of the following functions:

The intra-array address is the address used when the member servers communicate with each other.

The intra-array address is automatically configured during setup. You can subsequently modify the intra-array address for each member server. For instructions, see Configure intra-array address.

A default system policy, named Allow intra-array communications allows intra array communication. It allows communication using the MS Firewall Control and RPC (all interfaces) protocols to and from all members of the Array Servers computer set. By default, the Array Servers computer set includes the intra-array address, configured at setup, of each member server.

Intra-array address vs. FQDN

Although each member server can be uniquely identified by its fully qualified domain name (FQDN), the intra-array address is critical for intra-array communication for the following reasons:

Tips and hints

Follow these guidelines when configuring the intra-array address for a server:

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