Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

ISA Server Caching Mechanism

When you configure a drive for caching, ISA Server creates a cache content file on that drive with the .cdat extension.

There is a cache content file for each 10 GB of space on a disk, to the maximum that you dedicated for the cache. For example, if you allocate 12 GBs of disk space on a particular drive, ISA Server creates two cache content files. The first file will be 10 GBs and the second file will be 2 GB.

As objects are cached, ISA Server appends them to the cache content file. If the cache content file is too full to hold a new object, ISA Server removes older objects from the cache, by using a formula that evaluates age, how often the object is accessed, and size.

Warning  Do not modify or delete the cache content files.

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