Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Syntax in the SDK Documentation

The ISA Server SDK documentation provides syntax for the Visual Basic Scripting Edition and C++ languages. Each language uses different conventions.

VBScript Syntax

The following conventions are used for presentation of VBScript syntax in the administration COM object properties.

Read-only (get) properties:

[ lCount = ] FPCWebPublishingRules.Count

Write-only (put) properties:

FPCCredentials.Password [ = sPassword ]

For read-write properties, the write syntax is shown:

FPCServer.Description [ = sDescription ]

C++ Syntax

For the administration COM object properties, the read (get) and write (put) syntaxes are always provided, as appropriate for that property.

For read-write properties, an [in, out] parameter is described under the Parameters heading. Otherwise, [in] parameter information is provided under the Parameters heading, and [out] parameter information is provided under the Return Values heading.

For the Filter interfaces, [in] and [out] parameters are labeled as such.