Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Enterprise Management Overview

With ISA Server Enterprise Edition, you can set up ISA Server computers as stand-alone servers or group them into arrays. Arrays include one or more ISA Server computers, all of which share the same configuration. ISA Server extends centralized management for arrays to the enterprise level.

The ISA Server enterprise includes all the arrays in your organization. When you set up the enterprise, you specify the enterprise policy management. You can select a centralized enterprise policy that applies to all arrays in the enterprise or a more flexible policy where each array administrator can define a local policy.

You can create array-level access policies and enterprise-level policies. The enterprise policy can be applied to any array and can be augmented by the array's own policy. This enables administrators at branch and departmental levels to adopt governing enterprise policies.

Note  An access policy, which includes Site and Content Rules, Protocol Rules, and IP Packet Filters is represented in the administration COM object model by the FPCArrayPolicy object, which also includes the ISA Web proxy properties.