Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

ISA Server Modes

As part of the user setup process, you can select the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) mode: firewall, cache, or integrated.

In firewall mode, you can secure network communication by configuring rules that control communication between your corporate network and the Internet. You can also publish internal servers, thereby sharing data on your internal servers with Internet users.

In cache mode, you can improve network performance and save bandwidth by storing commonly-accessed objects closer to the user. You can then route requests from Internet users to the appropriate Web server.

Different features are available for the firewall and cache modes, as shown in the following table. In integrated mode, all of the features are available.

Feature Firewall Cache
Enterprise policy Yes Yes
Access policy Yes Yes, but only for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Web publishing Yes Yes
Server publishing Yes No
Packet filtering Yes No
Cache configuration No Yes
Application filters Yes No
Web filters Yes Yes
Real-time monitoring Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes
Virtual private networking Yes No
SecureNAT client support Yes No
Firewall client support Yes No
Web proxy client support Yes Yes