Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

About the Scheduled Cache Content Download Service

ISA Server further extends caching performance with a customizable scheduled downloading feature. The ISA Server scheduled content download feature enables you to download HTTP content directly to the ISA Server cache, upon request or as scheduled. This enables you to update the ISA Server cache with HTTP content that you anticipate will be requested by clients in your organization.

You can configure which content ISA Server should precache and schedule when the content should be cached, available for access directly from the ISA Server cache rather than from the Internet. By monitoring and analyzing Internet access, you can determine which Internet objects will be needed and when. Then you can use scheduled downloading to prepare the ISA Server cache accordingly.

You can use scheduled content downloading to schedule downloads of HTTP files from a Web site to a local cache. You can download a single URL, multiple URLs, or an entire Web site according to a schedule you specify.

Note  Sites that contain pop-ups, such as those that ask for credentials, or offer installation of language packs, cannot be downloaded by the scheduled cache download service. Also, Web sites that expect cookies when a client requests a page cannot be precached.