Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


The buffer class holds a reference-counted memory buffer. The IFWXOBuffer object is a wrapper around a memory buffer. This allows the buffer to be used by many filters in a chain, avoiding inefficient copying of buffers. For more information on memory buffers, see Buffer Objects.

Notes to Implementers

Consider carefully the size of the buffer needed. Data length information provided on the Internet may be inaccurate, resulting in buffer overload.

IFWXIOBuffer is generally implemented by the Firewall service. However, you may want the filter to implement IFWXIOBuffer in either of the following circumstances:

You can rely on the Firewall service's implementation of IFWXIOBuffer, and not code a filter implementation, if:

Samples that Use IFWXIOBuffer Methods

The method IFWXIOBuffer::Append is used in the following sample filters provided with ISA:

The method IFWXIOBuffer::GetBufferAndSize is used in the following samples provided with ISA:

The method IFWXIOBuffer::SetDataSize is used in the following sample provided with ISA: