Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


A filter may request that the Firewall service perform a firewall action, such as connecting to a certain target, in response to a firewall event or address. A firewall action is always requested in anticipation of an event that may not occur. This interface permits cancellation of the firewall action request. Typically, a firewall action relates only to events for which a filter is not registered.

For example, if the action is the future establishment of a secondary connection, IFWXFirewallAction can be used to cancel the action if the primary connection is terminated.


The firewall may automatically cancel certain actions, including:

ISA Samples that Use IFWXFirewallAction Methods

The method IFWXFirewallAction::Cancel is used in the following sample filter provided with ISA:

Typical Implementations

Implemented by the Firewall service.