Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Create an IFWXSessionFilter COM Object

In this procedure, you will implement the following methods:

In the following steps you will use the ATL Object Wizard to create the skeleton for the new object. Because this object doesn't have to be created outside the filter, you can reduce the size of your code by removing ATL-generated code that supports the CoCreateInstance function or other COM mechanisms to create objects. To avoid having to edit the files that were edited in the case of the IFWXFilter interface, back up the current versions, and restore them after you add the new object.

Warning  Visual C++ will not create a new ATL object if more than one .idl file is included in your project. Delete all the .idl files except SMTPFLTR.idl from the project, add the ATL object as described, and then put back in the .idl files that you removed.

To create the FWXSessionFilter object

  1. Make a copy of these files: SMTPFLTR.rc, resource.h, SMTPFLTR.idl, and SMTPFilter.cpp.
  2. Insert a new ATL object (Object — Simple Object) with the following properties:
  3. Cleanup: