Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


See Local Address Table.
Layered Service Provider (LSP)
A service that provides higher-level custom communication functions and relies on services provided by an underlying base provider. In ISA, the Firewall client software is a layered service provider that extends Winsock 2 from the client to the ISA server and uses the underlying base TCP/IP service provider to communicate to the ISA server.
A text-based file that maps IP addresses to the friendly names of Windows 2000 computers. This file is used as a static routing table in Windows 2000 Server to authenticate and register valid nodes in a local TCP/IP network.
load balancing
Load balancing distributes client requests among ISA Server computers. If one ISA Server computer is unavailable, another server can accept the request, preventing an interruption in service.
Local Address Table (LAT)
A table of all internal IP address pairs on the internal network where ISA is installed. This list is used to control access between clients on the internal network and remote IP addresses on external IP networks (or the Internet). The LAT is registered and stored in a text-based file within the installed directory for ISA. This file is distributed to clients during setup and updated periodically by ISA.