Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


A device that routes data packets between multiple TCP/IP networks having dissimilar transport protocols. ISA can act as a gateway between an internal network (an intranet) and the public network (the Internet). See also router.
A hierarchical system for finding and retrieving information from the Internet or an intranet. An enhanced version, Gopher Plus, returns more information about an item, such as file size, last date of modification, and the administrator's name. A display of all files available on a Gopher server is called the Gopherspace.
In a Windows 2000 Server network, an account containing user accounts that are called members. The permissions and rights granted to a group are also provided to its members, making groups a convenient way to grant common capabilities to collections of user accounts. Groups are assigned unique names within a domain.
Globally unique identifier, a 128-bit value that uniquely identifies objects such as OLE servers, interfaces, manager entry-point vectors, and client objects.