Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Adding a New Filter

You can add a new filter. The following examples show language-specific code for adding a filter.

Visual Basic Example

To add the filter called MyFilter, first add Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 Administration Library to your Project References, then use the following code:

Dim objFPC As FPC
	Dim objWebFilter As FPCWebFilter
	Dim objWebFilters As FPCWebFilters
	Set objFPC = CreateObject("FPC.Root")
	Dim MyGuid As String
	MyGuid = "{2474E364-FAF1-403f-9AFE-C2A73D667447}"
	Dim RelativePath As String
	RelativePath = "Test\MyFilter\Bin\MyFilter.dll"
	Dim Name As String
	Name = "MyFilter"
	'Add a new Web filter
	Set objWebFilter = objFPC.Arrays.GetContainingArray.Extensions.WebFilters.Add(MyGuid, Name, RelativePath, fpcFilterPriority_High, FpcFilterDirectionBoth)
	objWebFilter.Description = "Filter Description"
	objWebFilter.Name = "Filter Name"
	objWebFilter.Vendor = "Vendor Name"
	objWebFilter.Version = "1.0"

Visual Basic Scripting Edition Example

To add the filter called MyFilter by using a dynamic-link library (DLL) at relative path Test\MyFilter\Bin\MyFilter.dll, open a file and name it FilterAdd.vbs. Then insert in FilterAdd.vbs the following code (where the GUID is any arbitrary GUID that is not yet associated with any other filter):

set FPC = WScript.CreateObject("FPC.Root")
		Set filters = FPC.Arrays.GetContainingArray.Extensions.WebFilters
			 Set mfilter = filters.Add("{5b6f6af3-3928-44a3-90f6-c96295c51da6}",
										 "MyFilter", " Test\MyFilter\Bin\MyFilter.dll ", 2, 2)
		'2 == fpcFilterPriority_High
		mfilter.Description = "Filter Description"
		mfilter.Vendor = "Filter vendor"
		mfilter.Version = "1.0"
		mfilter.Enabled = True
		WScript.Echo "done"