Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCApplicationFilter Object

The FPCApplicationFilter object represents a single application filter. Application filters work with the Firewall service to intercept and process data. Application filters can access the data stream or datagrams associated with a session within the Firewall service. The filters are registered with the Firewall service and act in response to events detected by the service. An application filter can perform protocol-specific or system-specific tasks, such as authentication and checking for viruses.

The FPCApplicationFilter object is a member of the FPCApplicationFilters collection.

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Note to C++ Programmers

This object implements the IFPCApplicationFilter interface.


The following table lists the methods of the FPCApplicationFilter object.

Method Description
CancelWaitForChanges For use in C and C++ programming only; cancels the registration established by the WaitForChanges method.
Refresh Reads the object's configuration information from persistent storage, discarding any changes to the configuration that were not saved.
Save Saves the object's configuration to persistent storage.
WaitForChanges For use in C and C++ programming only; registers to wait for an event indicating that an FPCVendorParametersSet context has changed.


The following table lists the properties of the FPCApplicationFilter object.

Property Description
Description Gets or sets the vendor-supplied description of the application filter.
Enabled Gets or sets whether the application filter is enabled.
Guid Gets the globally unique identifier (GUID) that identifies the application filter. The vendor of the filter provides the GUID.
Name Gets or sets the vendor-supplied name of the application filter.
Protocols Gets a collection of the application filter protocols.
Vendor Gets or sets the name of the vendor of the application filter.
VendorParametersSets Gets a reference to an object for storing and loading custom data into the FPCApplicationFilter object's storage.
Version Gets or sets the vendor-supplied version of the application filter.


  Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000.
  Version: Requires ISA Server 2000.
  Header: Msfpccom.idl.