Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCBackupRoute.BackupRouteType Property

Gets or sets whether there is a backup route, and whether it is direct to the Internet or through an upstream proxy server.

VBScript Syntax[VBScript]

FPCBackupRoute.BackupRouteType [ = RouteType ] 

C++ Syntax[C++]

HRESULT get_BackupRouteType(
  FpcBackupRouteType *pRouteType

HRESULT put_BackupRouteType(
  FpcBackupRouteType RouteType


Route Type. It can have the value fpcBackupArrayConfiguration or fpcBackupEnterpriseConfiguration from the FpcBackupRouteType enumerated type. The value fpcBackupEnterpriseConfiguration is available only for an array in ISA Server Enterprise Edition. It is not available for a stand-alone server, or for ISA Server Standard Edition.

The property is read-write.

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