Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCAccount Object

The FPCAccount object defines an account for a user or a group of users. You can use this object to determine the account type, modify the account status, read the domain and name of the account, and allow or deny access.

The FPCAccount object is a member of the FPCAccounts collection.

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Note to C++ Programmers

This object implements the IFPCAccount interface.


The following table lists the properties of the FPCAccount object.

Property Description
Account Gets or sets the domain and name of the account.
AccountStatus Gets or sets a value that determines whether this account serves as an "Include" entity or an "Exclude" entity in the collection.
AccountType Gets the type of the account.
VendorParametersSets Gets a reference to an object for storing and loading of custom data into the FPCAccount object's storage.


  Windows NT/2000: Requires Windows 2000.
  Version: Requires ISA Server 2000.
  Header: Msfpccom.idl.