Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCSiteAndContentRule.SetDestination Method

Sets the destinations to which the rule applies.

VBScript Syntax[VBScript]

FPCSiteAndContentRule.SetDestination( DestType, sDestSet, ItemScope )

C++ Syntax[C++]

HRESULT SetDestination (
  FpcDestinationSelection DestType, 
  BSTR sDestSet, 
  FpcItemScope ItemScope


Required. Defines the type of destinations. It can have a value of the FpcDestinationSelection enumerated type.
Optional. String that specifies the destination set to use. Needed when DestType is set to fpcDestinationSet.
Optional. Item scope. This can have a value from the FpcItemScope enumerated type. When DestType is set to fpcDestinationSet, ItemScope defines the destination set as either an array policy or enterprise policy destination set. Has a default value of fpcArrayScope.This parameter is available only for an array in ISA Server Enterprise Edition. It is not available for a stand-alone server, or for ISA Server Standard Edition.


When ISA Server processes a request for which path processing is not supported (for example, any non-HTTP request), ISA Server ignores all destinations for which a path is specified. This does not imply that ISA Server ignores the rule that references the destination. For example, assume that you have a rule that denies access to two destinations: // and A request to access Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) content from will not be denied. A request to access NNTP content from will be denied.

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