Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

FPCSiteAndContentRules.Add Method

Creates a new FPCSiteAndContentRule object in the collection and returns a reference to it. The name must be unique; if this method is called with an existing name, Add will fail.

If the enterprise policy settings are configured to apply an enterprise policy, then site and content rule creation are restricted on the array level. If the enterprise policy does not allow array policy, then you cannot use this method to add a site and content rule on the array level. If the enterprise policy allows array policy, then the array's site and content rules can only further restrict enterprise-level site and content rules.

VBScript Syntax[VBScript]

[ oFPCSiteAndContentRule = ] FPCSiteAndContentRules.Add( sName )

C++ Syntax[C++]

  BSTR sName, 
  IFPCSiteAndContentRule **ppoFPCSiteAndContentRule


Required. String that specifies the name of the new rule.

Return Value

Reference to an FPCSiteAndContentRule object.

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