Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXSession::HostAccessCheck Method

By using the Site and Content Rules, this method checks the permission of the session user to access a specified host.

HRESULT HostAccessCheck(
  LPHOSTENT Hostent,
  LPCSTR pszPath,
  LPCSTR pszMime,
  DWORD dwFlags


[in] Pointer to a buffer containing a hostent structure to be checked.
[in] Pointer to the path to be checked. This parameter may be NULL if path is unknown or irrelevant.
[in] Pointer to string containing the MIME data type (such as "text/html") to be checked. This parameter can be NULL if the MIME type is unknown or irrelevant.
[in] Optional. HostAccessCheck flags. This parameter can be a combination of the following values, or 0 if neither of the options apply:
Value Description
FWX_FLAG_FWX_FLAG_USE_MIME The pszMime parameter is currently NULL, but may be known later. If this flag is specified, and the pszMime parameter is NULL and the MIME type is required for processing of the rules, FWX_E_MIME_NEEDED will be returned.
FWX_FLAG_USE_EXTENTION Use the extension of the pszPath parameters for content filtering.

Return Values

The user allowed to access the host.
The user is denied access to the host.
The FWX_FLAG_FWX_FLAG_USE_MIME was specified, the pszMime parameter was NULL, and the MIME type is required to complete the processing of the rules.
Error code
The method failed.


The hostent structure may contain names or addresses, or both names and addresses. Access is checked based on the information available in the hostent structure.