Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXFilter::FilterInit Method

Initializes the filter and passes it an interface pointer to the Firewall service object. The Firewall service object provides general methods to the filter. For a list of the general methods see IFWXFirewall, the interface for the Firewall service object.

HRESULT FilterInit(
  IFWXFirewall *pIFWXFirewall,
  PFilterHookEvents *ppFilterHookEvents


[in] Pointer to the IFWXFirewall interface on the firewall service. IFWXFirewall provides access to proxy services.
[out] Pointer to a PFilterHookEvents variable. This must be set to refer to a FwxFilterHookEvents structure containing the initial set of events that the filter monitors. Use the CoTaskMemAlloc function to allocate the structure. IFWXFirewall::DuplicateFilterHookEvents creates a duplicate of the FwxFilterHookEvents structure in a buffer which can be returned by IFWXFilter::AttachToSession.

Return Values

The connection will be denied.
The connection is aborted.


Place in FilterInit all initializations, particularly events to monitor, as well as the reading of configurations and the creation of listening sockets.

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