Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXNetworkSocket::SetPacketFilterOptions Method

Sets options for dynamic packet filtering.

HRESULT SetPacketFilterOptions(
  BOOL fDiscardInbound,
  DWORD Reserved


[in] Discard-inbound flag. If TRUE, an opening in the packet filter is not created for inbound packets. If FALSE, an opening is created for inbound packets.
Reserved for future use. This parameter must be zero.

Return Values

The method succeeded.
Invalid parameter.
The socket is already closed.


This method can be called to restrict the opening of dynamic packet filters for use with this socket object. By default, the Firewall service creates a dynamic filter for communication through this socket. Use this method to avoid opening packet filters for this socket. For example, to limit a connection to internal clients, creation of openings in packet filters for incoming UDP datagrams or incoming TCP connections can be disabled by using this method.