Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Error Codes

The following are the run-time error codes, defined in wspfwerr.h, that may be returned by ISA Server.

Message ID Code Explanation
FWX_E_TERMINATING 0xC0040001L The object is shutting down.
FWX_E_INVALID_ARG 0xC0040002L The argument is invalid.
FWX_E_ALREADY_IN_BLOCKING_OP 0xC0040003L The blocking operation is already started.
FWX_E_NOT_IN_BLOCKING_OP 0xC0040004L There is no blocking operation to be ended.
FWX_E_ALREADY_EXISTS 0xC0040006L You cannot create the object because an object with this name already exists.
FWX_E_BUFFERFULL 0xC0040007L Not all the data was appended to the buffer object because the buffer was full.
FWX_E_PROTOCOL_RULES_DENIED 0xC0040008L The protocol rules do not allow the user to use the specified protocol.
FWX_E_ALREADY_EMULATED 0xC0040009L The connection is already emulated by another filter.
FWX_E_BAD_CONTEXT 0xC004000AL The method was not called while handling any of the supported events.
FWX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED 0xC004000BL Modifying this property is not allowed for this session.
FWX_E_NOT_AUTHENTICATED 0xC004000CL Cannot perform the action because the session is not authenticated.
FWX_E_SITE_AND_CONTENT_RULES_DENIED 0xC004000DL The site and content rules do not allow the user to access the specified destination.
FWX_E_MIME_NEEDED 0xC004000EL The MIME type is required.