Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXSocket::Recv Method

Receives a buffer asynchronously; that is, performs an overlapped receive (or receive from operation, depending on the socket type).

  IFWXIOBuffer *pIOBuffer,
  IFWXIOCompletion *pIFWXIOCompletion,
  UserContextType UserData


[in] Pointer to the buffer that receives the data.

This parameter may be set to NULL, in which case the Firewall service will create the buffer. In this case, the same buffer object can be passed between data filters, and buffer copy will be avoided. The IFWXIOCompletion::CompleteAsyncIO completion method receives a buffer object as one of its arguments.

[in] Pointer to the IFWXIOCompletion interface that receives the completion notification. This parameter is required; it cannot be NULL.
[in] An opaque value to pass to the IFWXIOCompletion::CompleteAsyncIO notification method. This parameter provides a context to the notification.